欢迎来到龙八国际网页long8868下载安卓! 我们很高兴地欢迎你下学期来学校. This new student checklist is meant to help guide you through the process of officially becoming a Hawk!  

First-Year Students

激活并访问你的New Paltz邮箱

  激活您的New Paltz电子邮件地址. A one-time activation email will be sent to your personal email address within 24 hours of when your deposit is paid.

 After activation, access your college email account one of four ways.

Click here for more information about getting started with your New Paltz email. 

*Your New Paltz email address will be used for all future communication regarding your Take Flight enrollment process. 保持正轨并定期检查!

如有任何问题,请与IT服务台联系 servicedesk@planseeds.net  or (845) 257-4357. 


  T做新生调查. 这可以在学术建议选项卡中找到 入学状态门户 

Spring 2024 admits -调查将于2023年11月1日开始
Fall 2024 admits -调查将于2024年4月1日开始

This will begin the academic advising and course registration process. You will receive an email to your New Paltz email address from the Office of Academic Advising within 1-3 days after completing the survey.  

Please note that advising and registration does not happen at orientation. It takes place VIRTUALLY before coming to campus for orientation.

有关学术咨询的问题,请联系 advising@planseeds.net 

Business Students请填写新生调查问卷您将收到来自中心的电子邮件 Business Advising (businessadvising@planseeds.net) prior to 指导和课程注册

  Access Brightspace, the digital learning platform for SUNY New Paltz.

As a new student, you will be enrolled in the Take Flight: Information for New Hawks course. 当这门课对你开放时, you will receive an email to your New Paltz email address with access instructions. 

The course will help prepare you for academic advising and class registration.  It should be successfully completed BEFORE the meeting with your advisor.

Go to www.planseeds.net/brightspace and login with your New Paltz username and password (same login as your New Paltz email). 

有关Brightspace的问题,请联系 brightspace@planseeds.net 

 访问残疾人资源中心的网站 了解更多关于学术和其他方面的信息 accommodations. 



 报名参加一个面对面的培训日期. 的方向选项卡上可以找到 入学状态门户

Please note that this tab only appears after a deposit and orientation fee have been paid. Deposits and orientation fees can be paid anytime after acceptance. 

Orientation Dates

Spring 2024 admits

Session 1: Tuesday, January 9


Fall 2024 admits

Session 1: 6月26日星期三- 6月27日星期四
Session 2: 7月2日星期二- 7月3日星期三
Session 3: 7月8日星期一至7月9日星期二
Session 4: 7月11日星期四- 7月12日星期五
Session 5: 星期二,7月16日-星期三,7月17日 

秋季入学申请将在你的 入学状态门户 beginning February 1. 

  为家庭成员报名参加家长和家庭培训. 家庭成员可以参加这个可选项目. It runs concurrent to your orientation and has a fun and informative schedule of its own. 留意带有说明的电子邮件 在你完成学生报到后. You may also visit  www.planseeds.net/orientation 了解更多关于这个项目的信息. 

有关入职培训的问题,请联系 orientation@planseeds.net

 订购你的学生证  至少在入职前一周. 

Please note that it will take 2-4 days from when you sign up for orientation before you will be able to create your Student ID account and order your ID card. 谢谢您的耐心等待. 

For questions regarding your student ID Card please call (845) 257-3034.  

以ALEKS PPL数学评估为例

 Take the ALEKS mathematics assessment to ensure you receive an accurate course placement during course selection. This assessment MUST be taken without the use of a calculator to ensure proper placement. Please complete the assessment prior to your advising meeting. Completion of this placement assessment is especially important for proper course selection within our Business and STEM majors

For more information on the ALEKS Mathematics assessment please visit http://www.planseeds.net/math/placement.html 

访问ALEKS PPL通过您的 my.planseeds.net account.


Spring 2024 admits - November  1, 2023
Fall 2024 admits - April 1, 2024 

如有任何问题,请联系Rachel Lilley lilleyr@planseeds.net 




  • All transcripts must be officially sent directly from the high school and are used to demonstrate proof of graduation from high school.

College transcripts and AP, IB and college-level course work earned in high school (if applicable)

  • All college transcripts with final grades must be sent officially from the college
  • All AP, IB, and college courses taken while in high school must be sent officially from the testing agency or college where the courses were taken

Official transcripts may be sent electronically by the high school or college via email to admissions@planseeds.net 


100 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561

For questions please contact the 本科招生办公室 at admissions@planseeds.net or (845) 257-3200. 


 Visit the 学生健康服务网站 for more information on required immunizations for enrollment at SUNY New Paltz. 

 提交你的免疫记录 http://newpaltz.medicatconnect.com/ (Required)

下载、填写及递交未成年同意书至 http://newpaltz.medicatconnect.com/ (Required for students under the age of 18 at the time of the first day of Orientation or the Summer Bridge Program) 

  Submit the 学生健康报告  on http://newpaltz.medicatconnect.com/ (Recommended) 

For questions please contact Student Health Service at (845) 257-3400. 


Spring 2024 admits

  付你的预付房费 入学状态门户. 

  提交宿舍许可证 my.planseeds.net.  P请发电子邮件给住宿生活办公室,地址为 reslife@planseeds.net to express your interest in on-campus housing and request the instructions for submitting the license.

  Submit 房屋申请调查. 除了提交许可证的说明之外, the Office of Residence Life will also email you a link to submit the Housing Request Survey. 宿舍许可证必须是 submitted before the Housing Request Survey.


Fall 2024 admits


  付你的预付房费 入学状态门户. 

  提交宿舍许可证 my.planseeds.netInstructions for submitting the license will be sent to your New Paltz email address on June 1st.  宿舍许可证必须是 submitted 在参加暑期迎新会之前. 

  Submit 室友配对调查 my.planseeds.netYou will submit 在你的暑期培训中做调查.    



  Submit a request to be permitted to commute from your home as a first-year student.  Please complete the 一年级学生通勤申请,并进行公证. The application 会在宿舍生活网站上公布吗 (http://www.planseeds.net/reslife) beginning April 1st.

请注意:一年级tudents who live within 25 miles of the campus are eligible to commute from home.  

 For questions please contact the Office of Residence Life at (845) 257-4444 or reslife@planseeds.net


  View the 经济援助清单

如有任何问题,请致电学生财务服务 fao@planseeds.net or (845) 257-3250. 

❾查看并支付账单 my.planseeds.net 

  您的账单将生成 AFTER 课程注册,可以在 my.planseeds.net. 当它准备好查看时,您将收到电子邮件通知.  

学费的一般资料, fees, payment plans, 以及账单信息, 可以通过访问 学生帐户网站

For questions please contact the Office of Student Accounts at stuacct@planseeds.net or (845)257-3150. 

❿ Connect with the Office of Veteran and Military Services  (if applicable)

  了解更多关于服务和财政支持 退伍军人和军人及其家属

如有疑问,请联系退伍军人办公室 & Military Services at ovms@planseeds.net or (845)257-6867. 


  充分利用你在龙八国际网页long8868下载安卓的经历. 了解更多龙八国际网页long8868下载安卓的一些浓缩计划

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  • The Honors Program provides students who are passionate about their learning an environment that allows them to interact with highly motivated students and faculty from all majors. The program gives students a community as well as a support system to help them feel comfortable to explore their interests. Learn More....

  • 生活和学习社区 在新帕尔茨展出的 themed housing options for both first-year 还有归国学生.  Learn More...

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  • ACE(通过参与促进完成) is a comprehensive academic support program that provides Pell-eligible students with a dedicated ACE advisor from start to finish. ACE旨在提供帮助 first-year students 在四年内完成学位 Learn More…