Hugo the Chatbot

Hugo the Chatbot


Hugo is a virtual chatbot agent and is available 24/7/365. Hugo can help answer your questions and guide you to your campus resources.


Hugo is easy to use

Hugo is available in the blue and white box that pops up on a New Paltz webpage with the message, “May I help you?” Hugo is learning to answer questions for Financial Aid, Records & Registration, Student Accounts, Admissions, Academic Advising and the Service Desk. Click on the box and type your questions.


How to ask a question

Use a question format to ask a question and keep it simple.  Hugo is not a real person but can help you to find the answers you need.  You can also contact the department for more complicated questions using the form Hugo provides.


Hugo can speak more than one language

Click on the language icon in the blue banner. Right now, Hugo communicates in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.


Hugo can answer some specific questions about you from your student records

When you ask Hugo a question about you, such as “When is my time assignment to register?” or “How much is my bill?”, Hugo will ask you to sign in with your New Paltz username and password before providing a response. Try one of these questions.


Is Hugo perfect?

No. Hugo is learning and getting better at answering your questions accurately. If Hugo does not know the answer to your question, Hugo will help you to submit your question for an answer from a human.  The more you use Hugo the smarter Hugo becomes. Hugo will also provide suggestions and links when responding to your question.

How to Effectively Use the Chatbot from OCELOT on Vimeo.